Saturday, December 26, 2009

For Climate Change the battle ground is clear

From a Mark Lynas article in the Guardian:
Shifting the blame
To those who would blame Obama and rich countries in general, know this: it was China's representative who insisted that industrialised country targets, previously agreed as an 80% cut by 2050, be taken out of the deal. "Why can't we even mention our own targets?" demanded a furious Angela Merkel. Australia's prime minister, Kevin Rudd, was annoyed enough to bang his microphone. Brazil's representative too pointed out the illogicality of China's position. Why should rich countries not announce even this unilateral cut? The Chinese delegate said no, and I watched, aghast, as Merkel threw up her hands in despair and conceded the point. Now we know why – because China bet, correctly, that Obama would get the blame for the Copenhagen accord's lack of ambition.

Secretary Clinton made it perfectly clear that the US was ready and willing to support the global effort to control, and mitigate, the effects of human technological growth. It was widely reported that China's primary reason for eschewing any real commitment here was simply this - Transparency of process.

The US and Europe along with, albeit to a lesser degree, Japan and South Korea have proved over the last decades a willingness to take action on a national and regional scale. Why - because quite frankly there is enough openness in these societies that the common sense of 'the people' does exert pressure and over time form policies.

Why would China, the government of China, be so fearful of openness, of transparency to be willing to flout their nose to the people of the world?  Why would India be so willing an accomplice?

Does anyone really wonder why the last great communist totalitarian government on our planet would fear openness? I doubt it. India? Well, guess they are just hedging their economics bets.

A lack of an international treaty does not release individual governments from their responsibilities to be good stewards of the ecology, of course. What this summit should do however is to be a clarion call to those in the developed world, interested in actually affecting a change, to focus on China and India as the true battle grounds.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis the shovel

Snow across the Allegheneys today... over .5 meter fell today.

This town and county is pretty much small enough to just shot down for the day - and they did.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sarah Palin: Love her or hate her...she gets em talking...

Sarah Palin: What she said at Gridiron dinner | "“Sometimes you’ve got to trust your instincts, and when you don’t you end up in a place like this,” she said. Palin also tweaked journalists for buying books and turning immediately to the index to see if they are mentioned. Her book does not have an index but she made up index entries during her speech including: “A. Alaska, media not understanding it, page 1 to 432.”"

@Chis - still don't trust the common citizen, do you?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surfing Safari

ok - I might be the only one, likely to read this, old enough to remember that song - not just having heard it, but hearing it over the air waves, new.

Perhaps anyway - catching a wave, hanging ten or just being part of the 'boob tube' generation..this reminded me of the song..

although this guy really needs to pick up the pace..*smile*

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Down to the bare knuckles…

cut the blarney, raw competition.

FOSS projects can build products that deliver value to the user on par with, or better then, closed commercial – old school – businesses!

First time I heard a remark with the above sentiment I was doubtful….and I went along my merry way in life.

At some point round or about five years ago, hearing it again (and not the second time) I took a bit more notice. Actually a good bit more notice.

What got me to stop and consider? Ubuntu and

The first because it installed and ran on my PC, easy.

The second because it installed and ran on my PC easy, twice :>)

hmmm – actually that isn’t exactly correct – Ubuntu installed easily and ran acceptably on a friends PC. installed easily and ran acceptably on my PC under Windows and Ubuntu, allowing me to help my friend transition from Microsoft Office to in her daily computer usage needs.

She, was happy and I was happy that she was happy.

Well, it seems that a lot of folks are starting to feel the same – a recent estimate put 13% of Windows PC users as having, and even the, IMO, conservative OO.o PR Chief has claimed 10% of computer desktops overall.

Nothing however speaks to the successes of the FOSS projects, large and small, then the reactions of the predominant commercial player.

Whether in speeches to their resellers or this latest marketing campaign –

TEN BUCKS - if your employer has a site license..

they say one thing….the US market is in play.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Today (10-13-2009)

StarOffice Code Released in Largest Open Source Project

Phipps has his own thoughts on the future of He sees this project as a way to leverage the open source model onto the desktop for not just Linux, but other platforms as well, including Windows and PDAs. The latter may not be so far-fetched, as the first topic of discussion on the Whiteboard is "Personal Digital Assistants and OpenOffice."
(Brian Proffitt)

'So they say it's your is a gas...'

Nine Years and a few days ago...

The Story of the GNOME project

The GNOME Foundation

..... After the foundation was announced, a number of initiatives from the founding members was announced:
Next...( ? )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Android and ODF ( Take Two )....not so bleak

Well this is going to make you laugh - did me anyway.

The other day I did a search for "Android ODF" using Google(tm)

Being a normal person I only did a quick scan and found a review / links to packages supporting the reading or reading/writing of MSO formatted files, but not ODF.

Now today I did something similar....but before I say what..

Android and Google have a close relationship... :>/
Google has a document package...duh!
It saves in ODF format....

Alright, so today I did that same search using bing ... Laughing Here ...and I stumble upon:
AndroOffice. How to get a copy... guess one's gotta ask. Of course one might want to actually own a phone first... more laughing.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Android and ODF

The other day, on the blog planet I read Eric Bachard's post regarding a port of the office suite to the Android platform.

The first thought that came to my mind was, cws_odficons.

Ahhh - why that you might on.

Today did a google for 'Android ODF'...looks bleak.

Which led me to think about the need to expand the ODF ecosystem, which is actually, IMO, what cws_odficons is really all about, and on the need to expand ODF usage I could not agree more. Which in turn brings me back to ...looks bleak.... and that brings me all the way back to Android.

In the update to Eric's post he mentions that one can't really port all of OO.o because of it's C++ nature - ok, so that gets me thinking about this recent blog, Create an Java client in a few seconds.

All of which has me thinking - ok, so leave OO.o on the server/ I mean desktop..silly me/ and just think about what a viewer would look like on Android. Later a trimmed down version of an editor.

The education project at OO.o is certainly on this track with OOo4Kids, so Android is perhaps just another step in feature pruning. I say pruning 'cause if, and assuming, I understand this correctly Android will run only a pure java application, no libraries created in C++ at all?

Now there must be some pure Java implementation that can display an ODF file - surely there is - isn't that what the odf toolkit is all about? So there might be a great student sized project here - porting the odf toolkit viewer to Android, making it assesible from the Android emial reader for attached ODF files.

It is not insignifigant, I believe, that in the above paragraph the word is not present. That fact is what makes my, sometimes quirky, mind associate blogs about cws_odficons and Android.

A project within the education project such as this would benefit OO.o for sure and would be benefited by association with the OO.o developers, it also benefits users of any ODF compliant application, that includes users of MSO and we need that because in the end real competition in the desktop office suite market will not happen until the percentage of ODF formatted files being created approaches parity.

Well, enough for now...hmm, something new to add to the mix JopenDocument.

Till next time,


Monday, September 21, 2009

Changing perspectives

A rising tide lifts all boats. 


Rob Weir - From ODF pre-1.2 to ODF 1.2 from Newwws on Vimeo.

ODF Document Icons - as proposed to ESC March 2009

ODF Document Icons - proposed to OASIS - used by OO.o and Staroffice.

The full blog entry - GullFOSS Unified odf icons

At least that is what I take away as the abbreviated version of the argument.

Seems I’ve read the term ’times are changing’’ or something similar while reading the email traffic about this icon issue and branding..yes they are.

Looking at the first screen in the follwoing Impress file one would think, OH Yeah change those Icons – it means quite a bit.

Do we really care that much about icons?

Then again if you looked at the other screens – the MS Windows 7 file manager has indeed changed things. Kind of hard to miss the file types – no matter what the icon, when there is an icon displayed anyways.