Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Time in Appalachia

First - my lawn, un-mowed in the year 2011, shameful - for springtime has most certainly sprung here in the  mountains of Western Maryland. (no pictures, it is truly shameful)

Meanstwhile, within the trappings of human civility - my home, in the upper relm thereof, seated, hunched, hands held in the causual position of one that has pushed many keys over the years - another beginning.
  Washington DC, a hundred miles from the current castle has bloomed and those blooms have gone - in a swirl when they do, like snow. I grew up going to the blossoms, many times with my parents  - my mother was the one that really enjoyed the time, I remember her sitting with the blossoms swirlinig around, for a long time watching out over the tidal basin and breathing the mix of frangrances, as the basin aquatic scents rise this time of year also, she truly enjoyed the event.