Monday, October 12, 2009

Android and ODF ( Take Two )....not so bleak

Well this is going to make you laugh - did me anyway.

The other day I did a search for "Android ODF" using Google(tm)

Being a normal person I only did a quick scan and found a review / links to packages supporting the reading or reading/writing of MSO formatted files, but not ODF.

Now today I did something similar....but before I say what..

Android and Google have a close relationship... :>/
Google has a document package...duh!
It saves in ODF format....

Alright, so today I did that same search using bing ... Laughing Here ...and I stumble upon:
AndroOffice. How to get a copy... guess one's gotta ask. Of course one might want to actually own a phone first... more laughing.


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